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The Cook Center Planetarium at Navarro College is a large theater with a 60 foot diameter dome screen and 200 seats that specializes in showing informative astronomy/space science themed programs.

The planetarium offers a weekly schedule of presentations for the general public. Our schedule is subject to change in response to the needs of Navarro College, large groups, and private events. Please call the Cook Center at 1-800-988-5317 or 903-874-1211 to verify the current planetarium schedule.

Primarily, the planetarium is used as a educational field trip destination for area schools and other interested groups. Teachers can find information regarding suitable school programs and alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in our Teacher's Corner. For a complete list of our presentations, please visit the Planetarium Show Library. To book a school field trip, please contact the Visitor Services Coordinator Misty Halloway via email only.

During the school year, the planetarium is used exclusively for Navarro College courses and group scheduling Monday through Friday. The planetarium will be closed during all college holidays.

The planetarium periodically hosts telescope viewing sessions after sunset on the Corsicana campus of Navarro College in association with members of the Texas Astronomical Society and the Central Texas Astronomical Society. Follow us on Facebook to find out when we will host our next on campus viewing or visit one of the astronomical society pages to see when and where they are hosting one of their excellent observation sessions.